Update #1 App Preview Pictures

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Update #1

I added a page (link at the top) to the blog so you can see a preview of the app.
It’s design is (like I said in my first post) not “pretty” and just the default jQuery Mobile theme. You’ll find a list below of what I’m using to build the app.

  • jQuery
  • jQuery Mobile
  • AlertifyJS
  • jQuery Cookie
  • CodeIgniter

Why would I tell everyone the frameworks, plugins, et cetera, I’m using? Because I like to give credit to those who made it possible for me to use them. It helps the authors also, they worked hard and deserve the credit and respect. 🙂

Here’s links to their work:

Animal Crossing Central a mobile forum app

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Welcome to Animal Crossing Central.com

My work on the Animal Crossing Central app is getting closer and closer to being finished, how exciting! Although it doesn’t look “pretty”, that’s not what I’m focusing on at the moment. I just need to get it functional and ready to be used by YOU.

My goals:

1) Make it usable (Posting, Logging in, etc…)
2) Get it uploaded to the servers
3) Publish it to YOUR devices app store
3a) Get some volunteers to moderate the app. (May be offered a paid position)
4) Read the reviews and get suggestions/ideas
5) Make it beautiful with a theme.

Thanks for visiting. Give the Facebook page a like and share