Hello everyone!

- - Updates

I have started work on the app again!

It’s going to be a great app, I am pouring my heart into it. Hopefully I’ll have it finished by the time the New Leaf update from Nintendo is released this fall (you know the Amiibo one?!). Which by the way is going to be totally awesome. I just recently bought 24 more cards from Amazon, how many cards have you got so far? Have you finished the collection? Let me know in the comments!

Also I’d like to make sure those of you who have been reading know that this is going to be a community app NOT a game. Just an FYI. 🙂

Postponed: Until further notice

- - Updates

I had a family tragedy about a week ago and am going to stop work on the app. Give me a month or so to cope and I’ll start work on it again.

Thanks for your understanding, Travis

Update #2 Browser Access

- - Updates

Hello Animal Crossing fans!

I’ve made an important decision, I was going to only allow access through the native Android and iOS app, but I just decided today that I’ll make it available to mobile browsers too. You won’t have to download it (unless you want the extra features), instead you can just add the app to you’re devices home screen using Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android. Hope this is more appealing to you. It will slow down my progress but I’m still working hard on this for Animal Crossing fans everywhere. 🙂


I’ve also added an iPad Mini preview to the iOS previews page. Check it out and share with your friends.